Ministry of Communications is central policy making body and administrative authority in roads infrastructure, road transportation, provision of communication link between individuals and businesses, provision of research & training to relevant stake holders and policing on National Highways & Motorways.


Our Vision

Accelerated socio-economic development for national cohesion through research based policy making, reliable and sustainable communication services and road infrastructure. 


Mission Statement

To provide safe, reliable, sustainable and fully integrated communication services and road infrastructure to meet communication/mobility requirements of the people/businesses and goods


Functions of the Ministry

 The main objectives / functions of the Ministry of Communications are:

  • National Communications policy making, planning, research development, maintenance of communication services and road infrastructure; (MOC, NTRC, NHA)
  • Policy making on National Highways and strategic roads; (MOC, NHA, NHMP, NTRC)
  • Policing on National Highways and Motorway (NHMP)
  • Provision of Postal Services (MOC, Pak Post)
  • Provision of technical/vocational training for local and International industries (NTRC, CTTI)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects of National importance related to Communication services and road infrastructure (PM&E)
  • Enemy Property Management (EPC)


Organization of the Division

The  Ministry of Communications consists of the main Ministry headed by a  Federal Secretary. It has been organized into 2 wings (namely)  Administration Wing headed by Joint Secretary-I and Roads & Road  Transport Wing headed by Joint Secretary-II. There are a number of  autonomous as well as attached / subordinate departments under the  Ministry. 

The Ministry of Communications exercise administrative control over the following Departments / Organizations: 

  1. National Highway Authority

  2. National Highways and Motorways Police

  3. Pakistan Post

  4. National Transport Research Center

  5. Construction Technology Training Institute

  6. Enemy Property Cell


Allocation of Business 

The Federal Government has allocated following business to the Ministry as per schedule-II of Rules of Business 1973,

  1. National Planning, research and international aspects of road and road transport.
  2. National  highways and strategic roads; National Highway Council and Authority;  Administration of Central Road Fund and Fund for Roads of National  Importance.
  3. Mechanically propelled vehicles; Transport Advisory Council; Urban Road Transport Corporation.
  4. Enemy Property.
  5. National Highways and Motorway Police.